- Extraordinary WE

Ice Man

By BBC - Maybe we can all do this...keep watching

Cold tolerance!

Ice Man - immunity

By 1V (Dutch TV) - manipulating immune response

Immune System!

Cold tolerance

By VICE TV - See others being taught how to activate.


Swimming Under Ice

By Guinness World Records - under a frozen lake

Swim Under Ice

Immersed in Ice Bath

By Guinness World Records - clip from a TV episode

Ice Bath

Photo by Aad Villerius - Flickr / CC 2.0

In Just a Few Days...

By Journeyman TV - just watch it! Watch 12 volunteers with their new cold tolerance and immunity


Underwater Vision

By BBC - Moken tribe in Thailand - trainable.

Underwater Vision!

Memory Pt.1

By CBS News - 60 minutes program

Astounding Memory!

Memory Pt.2

By CBS News - 60 Minutes program, 2nd half

CBS 60 Minutes

More Memory

By CBS - 50+ people identified. 50! 50! 50! Who wants to wake up?

A clue

By Centre for the Mind - story of Orlando Sorrell, spontaneous savant

Human Calculator

By History Channel - a story about Scott Flansburg, from Stan Lee's superhumans

John Chang - Qi

By Nigel Brown - Heat and electrical generation to heal / power projection

Healing power!

Electric Human

By Discovery Chnl - channeling electricity through our bodies?

Healing power!

Electric Human 2

By Discovery Chnl - note she talks about emotions and her ability

Healing power!

Eat the Sun

Trailer - is it possible? See for yourself.

In The Beginning

There Was Light trailer - very comprehensive.