- Dark Skies - Quiet Freedom

World w/o LP

By David Lennon - imagining cities without LP, filmed in 4k. What have we lost? What will we gain?

Losing the Dark

By Int'l Dark Sky Ass'n - straightforward intro to light pollution

Lost in Light

By NatGeo - light pollution levels compared, stars as seen by a camera

NG: Lost in Light

Blinded By the Light

By CBS News - interview w/ Int'l Dark Skies Exec Director, discussion on LED changeover

Light Pollution Facts

By Bigwhofan - no interviews or people stories, just some thoughts, quick summary to music

Stargazer's Worst Enemy

By CBS News - stargazing in Texas

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LP Danger

By Discovery Chnl - effect on animals - turtles and amphibians, us, and our environment

Scourge of LP

By SciShow - 10 min - more technical oriented, covers energy waste, global warming, bats, birds

End of Darkness

By New Yorker - light pollution in NYC area, reflections on astronomy, star-gazing

Why LP is a Problem

By Tech Insider - comparison of pollution before and after LED upgrades

Glowing Danger

By Local 12 Ohio - discussion about dangers of newer LED street lighting

Hong Kong LP

By CNN - the most light polluted city in the world. All that glitters, is not gold.

What is LP?

By Mike Cavaroc - perspectives from different people. Meaning of LP. Calm, no music.

Misdirected Light

By US Nat'l Park Service - whimsical look at wasted energy and misdirected lights

POV - City Dark

By PBS/Ian Cheney - trailer for hour long program about losing the stars, co-creator of King Corn