- Cataracts & Blind Spots


By Ocuport - some basics with photo examples

Ancient Cataract

By Gross Science - Horrors of ancient cataract surgeries


Nepal - See the Light

By Al Jazeera - Under 3 minute clip on removing blindness with 5 minute cataract surgery

Nepal miracle?

Gift of Sight

By Al Jazeera - Longer 25 min clip about Dr Sanduk Ruit and his cataract surgery efforts

Nepal miracle?

Give me Sight

By Give Me Sight - Bringing cataract surgery to Myanmar, Dr.Haines and Somsran - 1 hr

Cataracts in Myanmar

MF Toric IOL

By AAO - most advanced lens replacement available

Multi-focal Toric IOL

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

HBO Open Your Eyes

By HBO - trailer for documentary - same/similar as other free ones about Nepal

common vision issues

How MW oven works

By EngineerGuy - see what it does to water. Our cells are what % water again?

common vision issues

What is Mac Deg

By AmeeraMedical - Learn about Macular Degeneration

Old eyes...